Photos of Panther

  • A picture of a Panther, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs
  • Panther is an  English Bulldog that should have Short, Compact Blocky
  • Panther came from Tilly and Tank's litter of  English Bulldogs
  • Panther was born on 06/30/2023
  • A picture of a Panther, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs


Mother: Tilly

    Father: Tank

      Basic Information

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      English Bulldog
      Est weight:
      45 - 55 lbs
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      Panther is a blue fawn English Bulldog. This color isn’t as common to produce and we just love it!

      Panthers stocky build and endearing underbite lend him an unmistakably charming appearance. From dawn to dusk, Panther is on a mission to turn every moment into a delightful adventure.

      With a tail that wags like a metronome set to “excitement,” Panther’s energy is boundless. He gallops around the room, his floppy ears bouncing to their own rhythm, as he chases after anything that moves – be it a bouncing ball, a darting insect, or his own shadow. His playfulness is infectious, often coaxing even the most serious bystanders into a game of tug-of-war or a spontaneous round of fetch.

      Panther’s inquisitive nature leads him to investigate the world around him with unbridled enthusiasm. A pile of leaves becomes an obstacle course to conquer, and a crinkling paper bag transforms into a treasure trove of surprises waiting to be discovered.

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