Photos of Maxwell

  • A picture of a Maxwell, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs
  • Maxwell is an  English Bulldog that should have
  • Maxwell came from Sasha and Tank's litter of  English Bulldogs
  • Maxwell was born on 01/12/2023


Mother: Sasha

    Father: Tank

      Basic Information

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      English Bulldog
      Est weight:
      45 - 55 lbs
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      This white and black pup is a determined English Bulldog puppy is likely to exhibit a strong-willed and persistent personality. They will be focused and single-minded in pursuing their goals, whether that be playing with a toy, exploring their surroundings, or getting attention from their owner. You may notice them displaying a stubborn streak, as they are known for being a bit headstrong.

      On the other hand, a relaxed English Bulldog puppy will tend to have a more laid-back and easygoing personality. They will likely be content to lounge around and enjoy the company of their family, without feeling the need to be constantly on the move. They may be more willing to go with the flow and adapt to changes in their environment, rather than trying to exert control over their surroundings.

      Of course, every individual puppy will have their own unique personality, and there can be variations within the breed as well. However, these are some general traits that you might observe in a determined or relaxed English Bulldog puppy.

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