Photos of Max

  • A picture of a Max, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs
  • Max is an  English Bulldog that should have Short, Compact Blocky
  • Max came from Tilly and Tank's litter of  English Bulldogs
  • Max was born on 06/30/2023
  • A picture of a Max, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs


Mother: Tilly

    Father: Tank

      Basic Information

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      English Bulldog
      Est weight:
      45 - 55 lbs
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      Max is a black English bulldog puppy. The black is a nice sharp color accented with the white and tan.

      Max’s days are filled with adventures. He might take you on a whirlwind exploration of the backyard, his short snout and floppy jowls capturing a myriad of intriguing scents in the air. Puddles of water and patches of mud are simply irresistible invitations for him to splash around in, leaving him adorably messy but thoroughly content.

      But even amidst his playful antics, Max’s affectionate side shines through. He’ll eagerly climb onto your lap, his squishy face nuzzling your hand in search of cuddles and attention. His warm, raspy Bulldog kisses are a reminder of his boundless love and loyalty, and you can’t help but smile at his endearing antics.

      As the day comes to an end, Max’s busy adventures leave him tuckered out, his expressive eyes growing heavy as he curls up in his cozy bed. But you can bet that he’ll be back at it again tomorrow, ready to make every moment a fun-filled and exciting one. A fun and busy Bulldog puppy like Max is a joyful reminder of the simple pleasures in life and the happiness that a furry friend can bring.

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