Photos of Marlin

  • A picture of a Marlin, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs
  • Marlin is an  English Bulldog that should have Short, Compact Blocky
  • Marlin came from Jayda and Tank's litter of  English Bulldogs


Mother: Jayda

    Father: Tank

      Basic Information

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      English Bulldog
      Est weight:
      45 - 55 lbs
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      This is the quiet bulldog pup in this litter and  is a serene and gentle creature, known for its calm and collected demeanor. Its body is sturdy and robust, with a large, square-shaped head and wrinkled skin that gives it a distinct appearance. Despite its size and strength, the bulldog pup moves with a graceful and deliberate gait.

      The pup’s coat is short and smooth, typically in shades of white, brindle, or fawn. Its eyes are round and expressive, conveying a sense of wisdom and understanding that is beyond its years. The pup’s ears are folded over, giving it a slightly sad expression that belies its gentle nature.

      This bulldog pup is not a barker, preferring instead to communicate through quiet grunts and snuffles. It is content to sit at its owner’s feet, quietly observing the world around it. When it does play, it does so with a gentle and playful spirit, never using too much force or aggression.

      Overall, the quiet bulldog pup is a lovable and affectionate companion, well-suited for families and individuals who value tranquility and companionship.

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