Photos of Leo

  • A picture of a Leo, one of Bulldog Obsession's  French Bulldogs
  • Leo is an  French Bulldog that should have Short, Compact Blocky
  • Leo came from Moira and Marshall's litter of  French Bulldogs
  • Leo was born on 04/15/2023


Mother: Moira

    Father: Marshall

      Basic Information

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      French Bulldog
      Est weight:
      18 - 25 lbs
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      Introducing Leo, an irresistible male French Bulldog puppy that embodies charm and playfulness. Leo’s compact frame is adorned with a captivating blue coat, complemented by striking black markings around his eyes and ears. With expressive eyes, Leo exudes curiosity and attentiveness in every wag of his tail.

      Leo’s affectionate nature makes him a favorite among all. Whether it’s seeking attention, engaging in playtime, or enjoying cuddles, he eagerly embraces every opportunity to bond with his loved ones. Despite his young age, Leo’s loyalty and devotion know no bounds, creating lasting connections within his nurturing home.

      Embark on Leo’s heartwarming journey as he explores the world, overcomes challenges, and learns valuable life lessons. Join him on his adventures filled with laughter, love, and undeniable cuteness, as he captures the hearts of those around him with his irresistible personality. Contact us today to make him part of your family.

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