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  • A picture of a Cocoa, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs
  • Cocoa is an  English Bulldog that should have Short, Compact Blocky
  • Cocoa came from Tilly and Tank's litter of  English Bulldogs
  • Cocoa was born on 06/30/2023
  • A picture of a Cocoa, one of Bulldog Obsession's  English Bulldogs


Mother: Tilly

    Father: Tank

      Basic Information

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      English Bulldog
      Est weight:
      45 - 55 lbs
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      Cocoa is a beautiful chocolate merle male. The term “merle” refers to a coat pattern characterized by patches of diluted pigment intermingled with the base color. In this case, “chocolate” refers to a rich brown base color that may vary in shade. The combination of chocolate and merle creates a captivating appearance that can include a mix of lighter and darker brown patches throughout the coat.

      From the moment he wakes up, Cocoa’s tail wags incessantly, a sure sign of his boundless energy. He bounces around with a playful bounce that is almost comical, his paws hitting the ground with a rhythmic pitter-patter. Whether it’s a crinkled piece of paper, a squeaky toy, or even a simple leaf caught in the wind, Cocoa can find endless amusement in the simplest of things.

      His enthusiasm for life is truly infectious. As you enter the room, Cocoa might ambush you with a mischievous grin, wagging his short tail so vigorously that his entire backend wiggles in sync. He’s always ready for a game of fetch, racing after the ball with all the agility his stout legs can muster. And when he finally catches it (sometimes after a few hilarious tumbles), his triumphant expression is a mixture of pride and joy.

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