Basic Information

    English Bulldog
    45 lbs

    Litters from Sasha

    Litter Description

    A litter of bulldog pups is typically characterized by their distinctive, wrinkled faces and sturdy, muscular bodies. Bulldogs are a small to medium-sized breed, and their puppies usually weigh between 10 and 15 pounds at birth.

    The coat of bulldog pups is typically short and dense, with a wide range of colors. They have adorable round faces with wrinkled foreheads, large jowls, and droopy cheeks that make them look perpetually sad or worried.

    Their ears are usually small, folded forward, and set high on their head. As they grow, their bodies become more robust, and their legs become more muscular, giving them a stocky and compact appearance.

    Bulldog puppies are known for their playful and affectionate personalities, and they often love to cuddle and snuggle up with their owners. They require lots of attention, patience, and consistent training to ensure they develop into well-behaved adult dogs.

    Litter Info

    Expected: 01/12/2023

    Go home date: 03/09/2023

    Breed: English Bulldog

    Estimated weight: 45 - 55 lbs

    Deposit: $500

    Price: $2800

    Litter Expected 01/12/2023