Dave H

    Basic Information

    Boston Terrier
    26 lbs


    Dave is our Male Boston Terrier! He is a sweet boy and loves to be by your side. He has a great personality. He can be an alert when guests arrive!

    Litters from Dave H

    Litter Description

    “Introducing the perfect blend of elegance and energy in our delightful Boston Terrier litter. The sweet-natured and intelligent companion her mom is will bring these puppies to fill your life with boundless love and laughter. Whether cuddling up on the couch or embarking on exciting adventures, these pups will be your devoted and loyal partner. Unlock the joy of sharing your days with one of these adorable and affectionate Boston Terrier pups. Bring home a bundle of joy and affection today!”

    Litter Info

    Expected: 06/21/2023

    Go home date: 08/16/2023

    Breed: Boston Terrier

    Estimated weight: 15 - 18 lbs

    Deposit: $500

    Price: $800

    Litter Expected 06/21/2023